Reflection – week 4

This book is honestly perfect. I love it profoundly and wish it didn’t end. The end brought a smile to my face and satisfied me. During the trial I was worried for Joy. What was all this extra pressure going to do to her and how was she going to handle it? I am glad that she put everything behind her just spoke her mind. I was angry and frustrated with the judge who was hard on Joy. Even though he was just doing his job, Joy didn’t need all that extra attention on her. The fact that Justin stuck with Joy through everything and especially through the trial was just gorgeous. He was always the first person to make Joy smile and laugh. I love him and I love them together. I can defiantly see a long lasting relationship between the two and hope that they continue to make each other content. The last scene could not get any better, the whole family together with Justin just reminds us how far Joy has come and what she has had to do to get there. I was upset to find out that there wasn’t a sequel and ¬†I hope that Jolene Perry decides to make one. I love the way Jolene opened up the eyes of whoever had her book about panic attacks and helped them realise that what happened to Joy is a real life problem and still happens everyday. This book has made me think and i’m really glad that I was assigned it for Lit Circles.


I love lit Circles this year and I wouldn’t change much about it. I loved all the books that we were able to choose from and I’m hoping that by the end of the year that I read them all because they all sounded appealing. I have a couple of suggestions for Lit Circles next year, ‘The Protected’, which is about a girl who’s sister dies and how she got through her life without her and how she manages all her struggles. ‘A Single Stone’, which is about a girl born and raised in a village that harvests stones from the mountain and bases there lives around being thin and small by wrapping themselves as babies, only to find out that her whole life has been a lie. I also recommend ‘Out Of My Mind’, which is a book about Melody who is a child born with a disability but is the smartest person she knows, it’s difficult growing up in an environment where you can’t do anything for yourself or speak your mind. She is given an opportunity to show everyone how smart she really is but is she ready to show everyone how she really feels? I hope you consider my ideas and I really hope that we continue lit Circles next year because it is a really awesome unit!!!!

Reflection – week 3

Oh My Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe this book! How can one book get me thinking so much about everything? When Justin and joy shared that special moment together it made my heart flutter, but as soon as the panic attack started ¬†kicking in I felt just as scared for Joy as I would if I was in that position. I felt Joy’s rush when she took that massive leap at her very first Daisy party. I thought it was absolutely adorable when Justin gave her his shirt and she kept it because it smelt like him. Every little high that joy felt, I feel. I get frustrated when a tiny setback (like in the mall with Tyler) ruins Joy’s winning streak and she feels Like everything she had worked up has been smashed down. This book honestly gets better with every word and I’m always left in utter shock or complete happiness when I finish a chapter. I love Justin so much he’s everything I could ever want in a boy and I’m so thankful that he and Joy found each other. Joy deserves the life that Aunt Nicole and Uncle Rob are providing for her. However, I don’t think Joy can accept that any of it is really for her and not just some cruel prank. She still feels like she is some crazy insane person. I feel like the way Joy escapes her past his by spending time with Justin and her new family. I didn’t think that taking up drawing again would be a good idea for Joy but it turns out she feels so much more relaxed while she draws and I’m glad that it makes her happy. This weeks chapters had me on the edge of my couch, seat and bed because it was so intriguing and I just couldn’t put the book down! Don’t worry though, I did manage to put it down at the end of my chapters and can’t wait to pick it up again this week. Goodbye for now and I’ll be back next week with my final review for ‘Stronger Than You Know’!!!!!

Reflection 2:

I have just completed my second session of lit circles and I’m IN LOVE!!!!!!!! Joy is such a beautiful and strong girl but no one could possibly understand her trauma. Justin is the sweetest boy and I love how he understands the way Joy thinks and respects her wish for silence. I can see a future relationship forming and I really hope that i’m correct! Uncle Rob is so sweet and I nearly cried when Joy hugged him for the very first time and he kissed her on the head. This was such a breakthrough for Joy. My favourite character is Justin because he’s the boy every girl wishes for. However, I feel like there is something we don’t know about him yet and that he’s hiding something from Joy. I’m so glad that joy went to the kung fu lesson and met Daisy but i’m not sure about the influence she will have on joy in the future due to all the parties she throws and how many people have heard of her. I don’t really understand Trent. He seems like a nice guy but he doesn’t recognise joy’s struggle and is really self involved. I feel like Tara is neglected from the popular group due to Trent being in it and being her older brother. ‘Stronger Than You Know’ is such a motivational, tear jerking story and I am desperate to find out more.

Reflection – week 1

Hey there!

My name is Tess and this is my blog. I am currently reading a book called ‘Stronger Than You Know’ by Jolene Perry. My first thoughts on the book were that it was a really deep book that looked into very serious issues like anxiety and sexual abuse. I fell in love with the book instantly and can’t put it down (sadly I have finished my chapters this week and have to). Joy is an absolutely beautiful character and she is so sweet and kind. Unfortunately she suffers so much and not many people can understand what she has been through. Her aunt Nicole is a sweet mother of two and takes Joy in willingly, not minding the hassle. Joy’s uncle Rob loves his family and will do anything to protect them but joy just can’t get her head around the idea that he has good intentions. Trent and Tara are Joy’s two new cousins and while Tara understand what Joy has been through and is always asking if she needs someone, Trent is finding it hard to piece together Joy’s story and doesn’t get why she needs so much special attention. This book is gripping and every piece of new information slowly starts to reveal the bigger picture of Joy’s past. Whatever small aspects joy had of the world were thrown out the window when Joy got her first real glimpse of the world. I love Justin!!! He is so sweet and caring and he has know idea what joy is going through (he seems to have an idea that she has asthma) but he is still there for her and wants to make her smile. Joy finds it incredibly hard to talk to men and boys but joy manages to have small conversations with him and it makes me so unbelievably happy!!! Okay, enough for this week! I’ll be back next week to write some more about joy’s life and I can’t wait to get halfway into the book!


Tess :)))